Fused Art Glass Plates and Wall Art from Enso Art Glass LLC

ENSO Art Glass LLC, is a premier Glass Fusion Art Studio located in the town of Shelton on Washington’s Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. ENSO specializes in handmade kiln formed art glass by Kirk Casey.

Kirk’s fused art glass is melded in an electric fired kiln involving heating an assemblage of compatible glass to 1500 F until it fuses together. Glass has many attributes in addition to shape/texture including being transparent, translucent and opaque.

Enso Art Glass is currently creating fused glass tableware and wall art, which can be beautiful on your table or wall in your home or office.

Kirk often takes the properties of glass further by experimenting with the chemical reactivity of glass with metallic components to create 'ghosting' which produces 'echoes of color'.

Kirk never settles for what’s been done previously, but constantly expands the 'boundaries' of his glass art to create new and exclusive directions.

Featured Items

Fused Glass Tableware 

Lemon Currents - Fused Glass Tableware

Fused Glass Wall Art 

Salmon Redd II Fused Glass Wall Art