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Sidewinder Track Fused Art Glass Wall Art

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The 'Sidewinder Track' strongly demonstrates the chemical reactivity of combining the underlying glass with a reactive design portion.

Fusible glass can be made with the elements of selenium, copper, sulfur, silver and lead which cross react with one another producing unique effects.

This piece has significant 'ghosting' of blue and purple echoes of color radiating from the serpentís path.

Best used as a wall piece, it can also be a dramatic display item. This is a unique, eye catching piece for home or office.

Imagine this work in an entry foyer, desk top or console table. Note its sister work, 'Fission Spinal Fusion' (FSF-001). Look for additional pieces of this genre coming soon.

Reactive purple and blue echoes emanating from the serpent's path. 24'' x 5-1/4''.

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