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Enso Art Glass creates fused glass tableware for varying purposes such as sushi plates to larger serving plates and glass platters.

Lemon Currents - Fused Glass Tableware

A larger centerpiece, fruit plate, charcuterie display or sushi plate are just some of the possible uses for this unique piece.

Within this lemon yellow and black plate is a sparkling iridescent glass layer.

Bright light brings out the depth in this piece.

It comes with silicone feet and is hand wash only.

Product Schema Include $135.00
SKU: LC-001
Size: 16'' x 11.375''

Magma Plate - Fused Glass Tableware

The Magma Plate uses 'Graffiti Glass' to give a wonderful stretched pattern providing depth and movement.

Itís a perfect size as a smaller centerpiece or for a display piece. A quiche plate for Sunday morning? Your guests will be drawn to the color and a sense of motion.

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind contemporary piece that will look wonderful in your home or office. Comes with silicone feet.

Hand wash only please.

Lava flow on a 9-3/4'' x 9-3/4'' glass plate.

Product Schema Include $44.00
SKU: MP-001
Size: 9.75''x9.75''

Moving Water Plate/Centerpiece with Two 3.25 Sauce Plates

This fused glass plate/centerpiece is a wonderful cyan blue color with white streamers and black flecks. It comes with 2 matching sauce plates and the three piece set is perfect for serving a special treat and will impress your guests. The plate is lovely cradling fruit, cheeses, or desserts.
The main piece comes with silicone feet and is hand wash only please.

Product Schema Include $60.00
SKU: MWP-001
Size: 11.5''Wx11.5''Lx2''H
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