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Enso Art Glass creates fused glass wall art and display pieces in a number of sizes and styles. Whether you're looking for a small room or niche piece or a larger focal piece or series of pieces, you can find it here at the Enso Art Glass studio.

Salmon Redd II Fused Glass Wall Art

This piece highlights the salmon embryos within the eggs.

The eggs have ensconced themselves on a gravel bar after fertilization. The eggs are transparent and glow when back lit.

Movement, texture and the Circle of Life are caught in this unique piece. If you have a home or office with a naturalistic theme, the Salmon Redd series is a perfect addition.

River currents bathing the salmon spawn. 18'' x 5-3/4''.

Product Schema Include $74.00
SKU: SR-002
Size: 18.5'' x 5.75''

Pollen Flowers - Fused Glass Wall Art

Pollen Flowers: This is a smaller example of reactive glass as discussed in Sidewinder Track and Fission Spinal Fusion.

Itís a closeup of flowers bursting open in the Spring.

An accent decorative piece for an office nook, restroom or next to a kitchen window.

Reactive flowers bursting open. 8-3/8'' x 4''.

Product Schema Include $25.00
SKU: PF-001
Size: 8-3/8'' x 4''

Salmon Redd III - Fused Glass Wall Art

The third in this series, this piece is slightly smaller than the first two. It has no less movement, color or focus on the salmon embryos.

This piece may work best in an intimate space and shows well in a bright, windowed or back lit location.

Red pearls living on a gravel bar. 16-1/4'' x 5-1/4''.

Product Schema Include $65.00
SKU: SR-003
Size: 16.25'' x 5.25''

Salmon Redd V - Fused Glass Wall Art

This piece is unique in this series. Itís almost 24'' long and is notably more green in comparison to the first 4 pieces. My goal was to suggest thin, slower, stream water overlying the eggs.

Salmon have the uncanny ability to 'smell' where they were born, and to return there to reproduce. A tribute to perseverance.

An individual piece from the series, consider a brightly lit area of your choice.

Thin water flowing over Life. 23-3/4'' x 2-1/4''.

Product Schema Include $45.00
SKU: SR-005
Size: 23-3/4'' x 2-1/4''
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