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Salmon Redd I Fused Glass Wall Art

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This series of 5 Salmon Redd’s stems from my youth salmon fishing on the Great Lakes in Michigan to currently residing in the Pacific Northwest.

Each piece emerges from 2-3 firings overall with an intermediate step embracing the chemical reaction of crushed cream colored glass with a pink glass powder to create grey 'gravel'.

Blue powder, vitrigraph stringers, glass 'Eggs' and significant bubbles encase the overall piece. The end result emulates water currents and bubbles flowing over new life at the river bottom.

Each piece is individual and remarkable in its own right but is extraordinary if purchased as a series.

Shown best in well lit areas of your home or office, they really come to life in windows, back lit with LED lighting or in front of white walls.

River water flowing over newly laid salmon eggs continuing the Circle of Life. 18-1/2'' x 6''.

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