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ENSO Art Glass LLC, is a premier Glass Fusion Art Studio located on Washington’s Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. ENSO specializes in handmade kiln formed art glass by Kirk Casey.

About Kirk Casey

About Enso Art Glass LLC

Kirk Casey, artist, designer and proprietor of ENSO ART GLASS LLC, is a Puget Sound glass artist specializing in exclusive Pacific Northwest (PNW) handcrafted kiln fired fused art glass.

Fused art glass can be simplistically described as the melting of sheet glass, rods and frit (crushed glass) to create new colors, designs and images into beautiful 2- and 3-dimensional opaque and transparent forms.

Kirk creates his custom art glass by incorporating themes inspired from living both on the island of Hawaii and in the Pacific Northwest. Honoring images of flora and fauna found in the natural world such as close up images of AHI Eyes (yellowfin tuna) and Salmon Redds (salmon egg nests) are just two examples pulled from past and present.

Additionally, Kirk experiments with the chemical reactivity of glass to create uniquely colored h... Read More

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The Enso

What is the Meaning and Philosophy Behind an ENSO?

The ENSO has many layers of meaning but is thought to be a sacred symbol from Zen Buddhism meaning circle, or sometimes the circle of togetherness.

The ENSO symbol is traditionally drawn using only one circular brush stroke as a meditative practice in letting go of the mind and allowing the body to create. A singular brush stroke allows for no modifications or editing.

ENSO Art Glass LLC acknowledges that the ENSO is a manifestation of the artist at the moment of artistic creation and emphasizes strength, elegance and the acceptance of our innermost self.

In choosing the studio name Enso Art Glass LLC, it calls to the circle of togetherness by encompassing the connection of the artist, the glass, and the client.

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The Fusing Process

Enso Art Glass Studio - Fused Glass Products

This is our art glass studio, where Enso Art Glass creates our fused glass art pieces.

You can see a few examples of our work on the shelves.

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Fused Glass Pieces Entering The Kiln

Fused glass art pieces entering and exiting the Kiln.

Notice the difference after firing.

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Pieces Exiting The Kiln

Pieces Exiting The Kiln

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