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Distinctive and exclusive Pacific Northwest fused glass art, by Kirk Casey.

Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass Plate - Lime Trails Glass Plate

This plate uses curved glass stringer, called vitrigraph, which chemically reacts with the blue base color to outline the lime green glass.

It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and is a wonderful addition to a console table as you enter your home.

It is a great plate for everything from sushi, appetizers to ‘crudite’.

Comes with silicone feet.

Hand wash only please.

Reactive snail tracks on an 11-1/4'' x 11-1/4'' glass plate.

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Salmon Redd I Fused Glass Wall Art

This series of 5 Salmon Redd’s stems from my youth salmon fishing on the Great Lakes in Michigan to currently residing in the Pacific Northwest.

Each piece emerges from 2-3 firings overall with an intermediate step embracing the chemical reaction of crushed cream colored glass with a pink glass powder to create grey 'gravel'.

Blue powder, vitrigraph stringers, glass 'Eggs' and significant bubbles encase the overall piece. The end result emulates water currents and bubbles flowing over new life at the river bottom.

Each piece is individual and remarkable in its own right but is extraordinary if purchased as a series.

Shown best in well lit areas of your home or office, they really come to life in windows, back lit with LED lighting or in front of white walls.

River water flowing over newly laid salmon eggs continuing the Cir... Read More

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Sidewinder Track Fused Art Glass Wall Art

The 'Sidewinder Track' strongly demonstrates the chemical reactivity of combining the underlying glass with a reactive design portion.

Fusible glass can be made with the elements of selenium, copper, sulfur, silver and lead which cross react with one another producing unique effects.

This piece has significant 'ghosting' of blue and purple echoes of color radiating from the serpent’s path.

Best used as a wall piece, it can also be a dramatic display item. This is a unique, eye catching piece for home or office.

Imagine this work in an entry foyer, desk top or console table. Note its sister work, 'Fission Spinal Fusion' (FSF-001). Look for additional pieces of this genre coming soon.

Reactive purple and blue echoes emanating from the serpent's path. 24'' x 5-1/4''.

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Sushi Plate - Fused Glass Art

Yellow Road Sushi Plate: This piece is a stunning partner to the Lime Trails plate.

Perfect for a special night in with a loved one or to entertain guests. The curved surface contains all the goodness from sushi rolls to sashimi to fried spring rolls.

There is an ENSO logo in the bottom corner to accentuate the Circle of Togetherness.

Comes with silicone feet.

Hand wash only please.

A hot lime river flowing in a red canyon on a 15-3/4'' x 4'' glass sushi plate.

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Wall Panel Abstract Fused Glass Art - Silver Pitons

Silver Pitons: Silver pitons (steel supports for rock climbers), are entombed between the masses of geologic rock demonstrating the relationship between athletes of the human world and the ageless inorganic world.

Materials include Iridescent red and textured glass along with silver foil. A longer wall piece, perfect for climbers and outdoor people.

Silver pitons entombed in rocky fissures. 28-1/4'' x 5''.

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Fused Glass Tableware

Lemon Currents - Fused Glass Tableware

A larger centerpiece, fruit plate, charcuterie display or sushi plate are just some of the possible uses for this unique piece.

Hiding in this lemon yellow and black plate is a sparkling iridescent glass cover.

Bright light brings out the depth in this piece.

It comes with silicone feet and is hand wash only.

Iridescent yellow and black streamer centerpiece bowl.

Purchase this piece in our Shop section of the website.

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